Water-cooled screw chiller

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Chuanbensite brand water-cooled screw chiller is widely used in constant temperature cooling in industrial production of chemical, electronics, plastics, batteries, food, medicine, printing, machining and other industries. Increase the output of your products and escort your production equipment.

First, the characteristics of the unit:

1. Electric box: High-strength steel plate is sprayed, and the most advanced patented technology is used for high-precision processing to ensure that it will not rust in acid and alkali gas.

2. Compressor: It adopts international famous brand German Bitzer and Taiwan Hanbell compressors, with large cooling capacity and quiet operation.

3. Condenser / evaporator: Condenser evaporator with well-known brand with national pressure vessel certificate.

4, four-level or stepless energy efficiency automatic adjustment, saving power and worry.

5, safety protection and indication functions are readily available to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.

6. Protection level: IP54.

7, unit water system pressure 0.9-1.0 Mpa, fluorine system pressure 3.5-4.0 Mpa, high-intensity pressure test.

8, using Siemens, Taiwan Pomp controller with MODBUS485 protocol, remote monitoring can be achieved through networking (optional).

9, full Chinese man-machine operation interface, dynamic observation, real-time adjustment, beautiful atmosphere.

10, after the automatic constant temperature test bench debugging is completed, it leaves the factory to ensure that the unit performance reaches the best state. The unit can run 24 hours a day without stopping.